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Cane Island Fly Shop is located only 2 miles from the catch and release area of the Bull Shoals Dam. The tail waters of the 5th largest dam in the U.S. have become known for it's premier fishing, yet we remain one of the best-kept secrets in America.
      The Bull Shoals State Park operates an excellent facility to park the camper or pitch a tent on the banks of the cool  flowing White River. There are many different cabins, resorts, bed and breakfasts, motels and privately owned residents to pick from to fit your personal needs.
     Cane Island Fly Shop is the center for those wanting the latest information on fly fishing. The Pro shop offers equipment, clothing, and a wide selection of ‘How to' books that will fit any budget. There is a steady flow of current reports and hot tips from numerous fisherman that stop in during the day. Many return clients find it to be a good place to swap fishing stories and get a feel of the day's fishing.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you need to know where and when to catch the big ones in our area. Our guides can help. We can guide and direct you to numerous access points on both the White and the North Fork Rivers.

     Each morning begins with a call to the Bull Shoals Control Center (The Dam). We then calculate the water levels along the river, to find the best areas to fish for wading or fish from a boat. We have had the good fortune of having the best catfish in Nashville from the best restaurant in Nashville. These people know how to cook and have taken their time to find a great source that is A+ USDA grade. We can't reccomend it enough!

Depending on water level conditions a typical outing consists of about a half day of wade fishing, and half day of fishing from a 20 foot Jon boat. Water levels at any particular location determine how we fish. If you are a total beginner or novice, our guides share a short introduction to the fundamentals of fly-casting. We have found that "on the water" instruction accelerates the learning processes and has you catching fish as you learn. We usually fish as much as thirty miles of river by drift (boat) fishing, or wade fishing secluded shoals. Many hot spots are accessible only by boat. You'll see wildlife, scenic limestone bluffs, forests, and wildflowers enroute to fishing holes. The water level may rise if generation starts. High water makes for excellent fishing and may require heavier than average line & rods weights. Regardless of conditions our goal is putting you on fish! 

Fly Fishing Instruction
All Cane Island guides teach fly fishing for all levels of skill and experience. We offer instruction on nymph, dry, wet, and streamer fly fishing techniques. The difference between a fly fishing trip and a day of instruction is that instruction focuses on a specific technique. You will catch trout, even if you have never fly fished in your life!

Our 8-hour instruction trip begins with two hours of casting, knot tying and entomology for the basics of fly-fishing. You'll learn what leaders, tippets, and strike indicators to use in all different conditions. Then
we take you out on the river/water for six hours for the real thing. While on the river/water you'll learn how to present the fly, how to read the water, how to set the hook and play the fish. We especially want to teach the proper way to release a trout unharmed back into the river for the future of this special tail water system.

Fish From Both Land & Boat
We won't send you out with a guide who just gives you a boat ride, back and forth in a very limited area. Cane Island guides are strictly fly fishing guides which means they understand how to approach a fishing spot. We take you to our secret areas, show you how to rig the best flies and help improve your casting for that spot. Sometimes it is best to fish from the boat, sometimes we wade, and sometimes we get out on land. It all depends on what each fishing spot demands for a proper presentation. When we get back to the shop Rebecca will even show you how to tie the pattern we used for any spot you enjoyed.

Fish Any Time of Year
Fly Fishing is good any time of year here in Arkansas! There are no closed seasons. Our rivers offer some of the finest year around fishing in the nation for rainbows, cutthroats, brook, and brown trout.  Dry fly fishing is good from late March through early June, nymph and streamer fishing is good all year for numbers of fish. Trophy trout fishing is good in the late fall until early spring during pre-spawn and shad kill seasons.

The Ozark Region has four distinct seasons that are mild by comparison to more northern climates.  The White River in early summer is the last place anyone expects to see a blizzard of hatches. An evening on the river during these hatches is an unforgettable experience. If you have never experienced a summer blizzard, this is a good time to come see this waterway. Much of the river can usually be scoped out because of the low water, and as the sun begins to fade, the blizzard will begin. This experience alone is worth the trip, and the many rising fish will be an added bonus!

What Is A Tailwater?
A "tailwater" is a river created by water flowing through the turbines in a hydroelectric dam. Bull Shoals dam has 8 turbine generators. As demands for power fluctuate within the southwestern United States power grid, more or fewer generators are turned on or off. If no generators are in use, little water flows in the river. If all 8 generators are in use, high water conditions occur. As water levels rise and fall, trout fishing conditions change dramatically. Therefore each day on the river begins with a quick analysis of how many generators are running, how have been running, and how many most likely will be running. High water conditions create excellent drift (boat) fishing. Low water conditions create excellent wade fishing. Fishing in all water conditions is good, but different water levels require different fishing strategies. "Transitional conditions" occur when the water is either on the rise or fall. The ability to get in front of a fish is handled by us, but the ability to get our information in front of the correct audiance online wasn't easy before we hired a Maine SEO Company as our Maine Web Design Company

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